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By Moonlight, By Sunlight CD cover
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Journey Across the Water CD cover
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Songs of Hawai`i Island CD cover
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Na Ipo Lei Manu
"Beloved Sweethearts"

The husband and wife team of Leilehua Yuen and Manu Josiah perform each Wednesday in Hilo's historic Palace Theater, sharing the stories, music, hula, and history of their beloved island home.

They also host a monthly program at the Visitor Information Station on Mauna Kea, and give regular "informances" at Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park for the Volcano Art Center.

Now, they have begun making their work available on CD, and soon, on DVD.

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 `Ohe Hano Ihu
(OH-heh HAH-no EE-hoo)

The Native Hawaiian Bamboo Nose Flute

Manu Josiah
Traditional Hawaiian Flute
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These flutes are handmade from invasive species bamboo in Hilo, Hawaii.  Traditional native Hawaiian `Ohe (bamboo) is a clumping species. The invasive bamboo used to make this flute is very detrimental to the native forest because it overtakes the environment it grows in, making it difficult or impossible for native plants in the forest to grow.  This invasive species is also very prolific. 
So, rather than turning the invasive species into mulch or pouring poison on it which would be hazardous to our own health and environment, I use them to make instruments.

Learn more about the Hawaiian Nose Flute at:

The Hawaiian Nose Flute